Shore in Caglayag

Caglayag is one of the Barangays of Carrascal in Surigao del Sur. Going to this place is a struggle! yeah, like for real. 
The road going to Caglayag is very slope, zigzag and rocky. From the Cantilan town you can ride a single motorcycle worth P100.00 good for back and forth or you can also ride in a small boat from the port in Cabitoonan for P25.00.

It wasnt my first time to be in this place, Ive been here before when my batchmates in high school visited our classmate that lived in here. 

I wasnt even expected that the place has changed the first time I saw it. 

Like wow! with its white sand and overlooking islets of Cantilan, this place can be also good for promoting tourism. 

White sand, turquoise color of water and a photoshoot perfect.

like my classmates took a lot of pictures because of the picture perfect view. 

thou the unexpected thing happened while were having this moment before our ojt in November, we just considered it as a part of our memory and forgot about it. 

Memories to be treasured with our beautiful and sexy HRM instructor Mrs. Genelyn A. Trinidad. 


Food for the soul

That moment when I had a chance to be one of the food critics in Hillary’s Cafe and Inn at Cantilan, Surigao del Sur is satisfying.

These burgers and Ice tea is a new food addition to their menu. 

Great food + Good Chat = Full Tummy

Island of Huyamao

Huyamao Island is Located in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur in Mindanao. It is your one of the stop over when you have your Island hopping here.

With its white sand,  turquoise color of water and the view of islets will surely relieve your stress. 

in P2500.00 of renting a boat you can have 3 islands of your choice of destinations to choose from just ask the boat driver about the places. 

The docking fee in Huyamao is P250.00 and you can also do kayaking, picnik and rent a cottage.

Limay, Bataan

A long trekking is worthy! 

After all the sweet and blood because of the wild grass that cathes you it paid you to this scenic view of mountain. 

It was this year (2016 April) summer vacation when my bias and adventurous little sister took me into this unknown mountain in Limay, Bataan. 

The 3-4 hours walked into the mountain is worth it its because of the stunning view of the dried grass that makes you feel like youre in one of the korean novela series or movies. 

Libtong Cove

Libtong Cove is 45 minutes away from the town of Cantilan in Surigao del Sur in Mindanao. The place can be reached by means of riding a boat that was worth P2500.00 and has a capacity of 10 persons.

You can have a reservation for the transportation in their resort or go to the port located at the back of Cantilan Market.

​The cottage is starting from P350.00 to P500.00 and docking fee of P500.00.

You can enjoy unlimited diving and Kayaking worth P100.00 for an hour and lifevest worth P20.00.

There’s a store at the top so no worry if you forgot something food to bring.

Enchanted River

Jump into the open water of Enchanted River!

The first thing that comes out into my mouth is Wow! when I went here, like after seeing this majestic place I was speechless and even breathless because of how nature is really amazing that made this place.

It is in Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. The awesome deep river cover with forest and its torquise color of water that is cool, clear, majestic is so inviting.

Around 12 noon to 1:00 P.M. the bells ring requesting the people to clear the river for fish feeding.

Huts, tents , tables and chairs are available for picnic and an entrance fee of P40.00.

The Place was a streess relief guaranteed.

Plaza Mayor de Cuidad

Plaza Mayor de Ciudad, is located at the heart of Balanga City, Bataan. It is jaw dropping and breath taking place because of its picturesque view of Spanish inspired architectural designs of the buildings.

The Robinsons or Victoria Galleria Mall, Plaza Hotel, Municipal City Office of Balanga and the St. Joseph Cathedral is within the area.

It is 3-4 hours bus drive away from Manila and better stroll here at night cause I dont want to be a spoiler on what will you see that will makes you Wow! so follow my advice. πŸ™‚

Wetland and Natures Park in COB

Balanga Wetland and Nature Park is located in the Barangay Tortugas in Balanga City, Bataan. The place is known for a haven of migratory birds from different countries. When in season you get to enjoy watching different species of birds. You can also enjoy and walk through the mangrove forest and experience the nature.It is P15.00 ride of tricycle from the City of Balanga and free of entrance. You can also enjoy picnik and rent a cottage nearby.